Table Centerpeices


  1. 3 Tier Fishbowl Display (in colour of your choice) large glass mirror/6 glass tealights holders/tealights  £25.00
  2. Feather Display in XXX-Lge Wine Glasses (Decorated to colour scheme on the day) £50.00 each
  3. Long Flower Display (Colour scheme on the day) with Candle as centerpiece) £15.00 each
  4. Large tall vases with beautiful colour display/ ribbons standing on glass mirrors with lights inside £25.00 each
  5. 2 x 8ft tall Pillars in stands decorated beautifully with foliage and red/cream roses (stunning pieces) £80.00 each
  6. Candelabras with (7 candles) XXX-Lge table centerpieces / Decorated to include ribbons etc. £50.00 each
  7. Candelabras with 7 tealights (Cream Colour) decorated to include all ribbons etc. £35.00 each
  8. Candelabras (Small Cream Colour) decorated with ribbons etc. (Colour scheme of your choice) £15.00 each
  9. Candelabras (Silver) Decorated with ribbons and candles (Colour scheme of your choice) £35.00 each

Other designs (made with fresh flowers or dried flowers):

  • BEARS etc. etc.

"Please ask for something special and I will try my best to make your dream come true for your special day.

All flower displays are done exclusively for that particular person, no two events are the same

Prices vary according to which flowers are to be used whether they are (Fresh or Dried Flowers)


"After discussions with the person or couples involved I will create a beautiful display of colours of your choice."



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